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Washington D.C. Here We Come

It has been a long while since we have posted.  Kristin has been busy traveling all over.  Next week we go to Washington D.C. to talk about mental health.  I get to sniff all the important humans that work with the same folks I do.

I will keep everyone updated on how it goes.  We have someone coming with us that is going to make a movie short out of our visit and post it on their YouTube channel.  I’ll try to be quiet while they are filming but I am so excited I can hardly keep from howling.

Just yesterday I got to go back to the hospital and visit all of the patients.  I hadn’t been able to go for a few weeks.  Kristin took my Very Important Dog vest off so I could get some great back scratches from everyone.

We used to have all the patients sit in a circle in chairs but now everyone sits on the floor with me.  I like this much better.  Some of the therapists were asking Kristin why she doesn’t sit on chairs anymore.  She said, “When I first started coming I used to have all these posters and do a little speech. I stopped doing that and we all sat in chairs.  Then I realized it is way more important to get on the floor.  No one needs to hear a speech from me.  They care about connecting with Myles.  If we sit on the floor this brings even the most reticent patient out of their shell and into a very playful and loving place.  It is much easier to connect with them this way.”

I thought that was pretty cool.  Besides it is so much easier to drop the ball in their laps now and sling dog slobber right in their face when I jump up to catch things!

Will post more next week!  Maybe I can see the new white house dogs and check them out.

Myles McHenry
Therapy Dog

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