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More on Cameron’s Therapy Horses

Just some more awesome photos of Cameron Fulling on his therapy horse, who has worked so hard with him for so long now due to his issues with childhood cancer.

Cameron is an amazing child who has been dealing with this horrible disease that takes over your life and the lives of your family from the moment you are diagnosed. For Cameron that was when he was diagnosed with a malignent ependymoma brain tumor at the age of two and he has gone through so much. He had to have brain surgery to remove the tumor, followed by 33 rounds of radiation. The following year the tumor returned and he had to have another surgery and 25 rounds of radiation. March 1st of this year the tumor once again returned, but much more aggressive. Cameron is currently about to start a trial chemotherapy at St. Jude’s because he can no longer receive any more radiation. That is the summarized version of little Cameron’s life. He has had countless surgeries, rehabilitation, constant therapies, and in his Mom’s words “his little life has been surrounded by others caring for him, including animals.”

I went to school with Cameron’s Mother for 5 years and she was one of my closest friends long after high school. Cameron’s story has broken my heart and touched my soul and I am so very honored to have been able to share some of it with all of you. He is a trooper! What an amazing, strong little boy, with so much love surrounding him, including the horses. Thank God for therapeutic animals.

Now adays, Cameron is still in the horse therapy program and loves it, though he has had to take breaks from it for other recoveries due to surgeries. A beautiful story for a beautiful child…

Written By: Nicole Blazer

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