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Just in Time for the Holidays!

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Hard Work

Whew! My mama’s been on a health kick for the last couple of years, and she takes me along with her! She makes me eat super healthy food, run with her outside, even run on a treadmill sometimes! No more laying on the couch all day, getting fed potato chips while watching TV (although my Dad still does this with me occassionally,which I LOVE). I have to admit that I have more energy and kinda feel like I did when I was a puppy, which is great. But man, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with my spunky Mom! Continue Reading

Wish Us Luck

An update from my handler, Kristin Walker!

We filed for our Not for Profit status yesterday which is very exciting.   This means we can tell more and more people about the benefits of using therapy dogs.  It also means we can get our highly requested children’s book series illustrated and published.

We have five weeks to wait out the paperwork so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
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Whooo HOOOOOOOO and a howl toooooo!

Got to go to work today.  I brought the slobber.  I mean I BROUGHT it.  I let every patient get slobbered since they didn’t get to see me last week.  I jumped and barked.  Yes, I barked.  I am not a big barking advocate..I mean really…how annoying.  I can just do my Border collie stare to get most people to do what I want.  Hey, it works on the sheep and most people are a lot like sheep.

So, back to the barking.  I usually, only bark when I hear that stupid duck yell, “AFLAC” on the box that makes noise.  You know that big thing that my humans sit in front of and ignore me when I do cute stuff like roll on my back and wiggle my buns.  I really don’t like that duck, but it makes the patients laugh when my human, Kristin, yells it out and I bark.  A couple people were really sad today at the hospital, but I made them laugh and play soccer.  The one guy didn’t even mind it when I hit him in the face with the soccer ball.

I came home after and passed out.  Making people happy is exhausting work but some dog’s gotta do it.  Had one of those running dreams because I twitched so much I fell off the couch and my tongue was like leather (I sleep with my tongue out). 

Tomorrow is the library.  I get to hear people laugh and say things to the kids like, “Is that dog gonna read to you?”  Why is that funny?  I can read.  I just do it with my nose instead of my eyes.

Well, time for bed again.  The easy chair looks like a good spot for tonight. Continue Reading

No Visit Today

A bath for nothing!  All this white, cold stuff kept me from visiting my friends at the hospital today.  Probably won’t get to the library tomorrow either.  Will have to be content with making yellow snow, eating, eating, growling at my brothers and sisters eating MY food, laying upside down in front of the door jam, getting belly scratches, eating, pooping, eating, making sure the trees, rocks, and snow men are freshly watered, looking for balls that get lost in the snow (finding some of them in the yellow snow – YUCK!), eating, napping, and sleeping. Continue Reading

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