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Therapy dogs may be born into the world with a special job, to help those who are in need, but they certainly have nothing but the natural instincts they come into the world with. The training is extremely unique and very specific to their job.  All professional therapy dog trainers have been trained, tested, measured, and certified by reputable organizations. http://www.therapydogcertification.com/category/training/

Training begins with the pet owner deciding they have a dog perfect for the job and that they too are willing to dive into the world of being a therapy dog’s handler, which is no small task. This is such a committed job for the handler as well and therefore, there has to be true certainty and desire. There are even organizations who train the handler as well as the therapy dog. http://www.therapydogcertification.com/category/training/

When a dog is trained as a therapy dog there are five essential requirements they must learn as they will visit places like nursing homes, hospitals, schools for children with learning disabilities, and other health-related institutions and must be prepared. The specifics are as follows:

  • Dog must be 1 year of age and have been with handler for at least 1 year.
  • Breed matters, there are specific breeds that are known to be the better therapy dogs due to their amazing personality attributes, however most breeds can be trained to be therapy dogs.
  • Dog must be healthy and have up to date vaccinations.  Remember therapy dogs are meant to help healthcare practitioners bring quicker healing process to the sick.
  • Enrolling your dog in a training program costs money, whether a non profit organization or not, they will still depend on donations.
  • A series of tests will be conducted by the training organization. The dog must pass all to be certified as a therapy dog. Some organizations even work together to provide a sequence of tests to ensure the dogs’ ability to handle many different situations and to see how the dog behaves. http://www.therapydogcertification.com/5-essential-therapy-dog-requirements/
There are many reasons to become a Therapy dog handler and to involve your dog in this profession if you see fit. So, if there is room in your heart for all the people who are in need of the love that a therapy dog can provide, go for it. Get the pet you have loved since day one certified. You won’t regret it. The love that this job has to offer is amazing.

Written By: Nicole Blazer                

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